Who’s That?

Hi! This is my first ever legacy!

Stuff about me: I love sims! 🙂 I like to color my hair fuchsia! I first colored it for a halloween costume..then I was hooked.  I try to make my sim look like me, but…I was a noob at TS3 when I made her 😛

   Kinda! But yeah..ANYWAYS! I like to cook,  take photos, videos, and I really enjoy artifying paper and canvases!  I was once bitten by a Rattlesnake !!!   I still have all my limbs and everything though, so I’m doing pretty well!   I like to make videos on youtube, under Nerdie0girl .  I also have  a website where show off nature photos and *sometimes*  blog random stuff.  It is right here.  I’m known as SweetRibz on TS3 official website, so you can visit my page here and leave a comment or friend request! I hope to add a well read Sims 3 legacy or 2..or more.. 😀 to my belt!   Sooo off you go to the story, run, run!!!

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