Author’s Reads

Hey guys! These are the stories I like to read, and stalk, and read, and wait for updates and lurk around! Check them out 😛

Just because I’m that OCD they are in Alphabetical order!!!

A Splash of Color

Heroes and Villians- A Heroic Uglacy ~ A Villainous Prettacy

Madness, Aliens and Reddings. OH My!

Meet the Derps

On The Wings of My Dream (A DITFT)

Pollination Legacy

The Blaze Legacy(A DITFT

The Creeper Legacy

The Crumplebottom Legacy

The Danning Legacy

The Danevbie Legacy – The one that inspired me to start my own Legacy.

The Food Family Legacy

The Jenkins Uglacy( aka Rated R for Language)

The Meringue Legacy

The Montoya Legacy

The Nubbin Legacy

The Olympus Legacy

The Southern Prettacy

Too Much Color, Too Little Time (A Rainbowcy) The first Rainbowcy I ever read.

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