Traits and Favorites!

This is where the traits and favorites of the founder, his parents, grandparents, heirs, siblings and spouses of heirs will be kept!  Traits and Faves are listed with the Heirs first and Spouses directly underneath them.  In case of Double Heir-ships, the Spouse will be labled with the same color ink as whom they are married.   Spouse, Daughter, Son,  and such others are used for an easy understanding!
Titanus Robaldo:(Grandfather)Damius' Paternal GrandfatherTraits : Bookworm, Good, Brave, Loves the Outdoors, Nurturing
Faves: Grilled Cheese, Classical, Orange
Serindipitis Robaldo:(Grandmother)Damius' Paternal GrandmotherTraits: Ambitious, Angler, Brave, Charismatic, Loves the Outdoors
Faves: Cheesesteak, Pop, Lilac
Borrelius Robaldo:(Father)Father of DamiusTraits: Ambitious, Bookworm, Brave, Computer Whiz, Loves the Outdoors
Faves:Hotdog, Classical, Red
Petunia Robaldo(Mother)Damius' MotherTraits: Artist, Born Saleswoman, Lucky, Shy, Virtuoso
Faves: Salmon, Electronica, Pink
Lea Renee Robaldo(sister)Traits:Ambitious, Lucky, Over-Emotional, Photographers’ Eye
Faves: Goopy Carbonara, Classical, Aqua
Damius Robaldo:(Founder)The FounderTraits: Athletic, Bookworm, Loves the Outdoors
Faves: Fruit Parfait, Indie, Blue
(Spouse)(To be Announced)

  1. I’m loving the colours. 😀

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